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Yoga Life Training
with Peter Masters


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YLT Testimonials

yoga teacher training sydney testimonial

I would highly recommend the YLT course. The teachers in the team are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and devoted. They have a real love of yoga, and they have shared their knowledge with us with joy, humour and warmth. They are extremely committed, knowledgable and I have so appreciated and benefited from their teaching. Thank you so very much.

Cherrine, Financial Services & Personal Trainer

yoga teacher training sydney testimonial

Yoga Life Training 2013 became a life changing experience for me which exceeded my expectations. It became so much more than becoming a yoga teacher, the knowledge and wisdom which the course provided encouraged enormous self growth and learning. The teachers hold such a wonderful space to be in, and the connections made with others will last forever. Namaste.

Melissa, Graphic Designer

yoga teacher training sydney testimonial

This is the ultimate course for self-development. After years of studying Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Remedial Massage – which are all about treating other people – the YLT course is about learning to heal yourself so in turn you can help other people. I have learnt more in this year than in 20 years of study and practice.

Matthew, Acupuncturist & Martial Arts Teacher

yoga teacher training sydney testimonial

I highly recommend the Yoga Life Training Course to anyone interested in improving themselves from whatever level of ability and knowledge you have. It’s a most holistic, honest, generous and caring course. Not to mention the years of knowledge and diversity of the teachers; their skills and ability to give so much information in a very useable way. I have enough material to work with for years.

Therese, High School Teacher

yoga teacher training sydney testimonial

Peter has taken us on a beautiful, at times challenging journey to ‘within’. The course packages asana, yoga sutras, food and learnings about our bodies amazingly well. Everyone walks away from the course knowing we have a new spiritual family.

Dagmar, Lawyer

yoga teacher training sydney testimonial

A year ago I decided to do the Yoga Life Training course. Little did I know that it would turn out to be one of the best decisions I will make in my life. After falling in love with Japanese Yoga I set out to deepen my knowledge of the asanas and exercises and to become a qualified teacher in the Japanese style of yoga. I achieved all of these things. But what made the course truly special is that it took me on a wonderful journey of self discovery in which I learnt how to connect with myself and tune in to my desires and needs in order to be fulfilled in life.

All the teachers have incredible knowledge and wisdom that they share authentically and generously. Peter is a gifted teacher who leads a true experiential learning system and is able to transfer knowledge and concepts extremely well to give a real sense of philosophies. The course is very well rounded combining all the key elements of healing including asanas, eastern medicine philosophies, mind body breath principle, Zen, food therapy and anatomy.

This course has not only equipped me to share the healing system of Japanese yoga but it has also taught me how to live in balance with nature and the world around me to lead a more meaningful life. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to do this course.

Tami, HR Trainer,

yoga teacher training sydney testimonial

This course will you take you on the wildest adventure if you allow yourself to go into it with an open mind and heart.

Connie, IT Analyst