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summer yoga workshop brisbane

Summer Yoga Workshop
with Peter Masters
Sunday 12 November

Experience the breadth and depth of Okido, enjoy a day of yoga, wellbeing and community.

Okido is a contemporary Japanese yoga practice with a focus on enhancing life force, self-healing and connection. It unifies aspects of Indian Yoga, Taoism, Shinto and Zen for this uniquely ‘Japanese Yoga’.

The day will include: * yoga * qigong * shiatsu * mindfulness

All welcome.

Peter Masters is a leading Australian Okido teacher. He’s been the director of Zen Central Yoga Studio since 2001 and takes regular yoga study trips to Japan. He’s inspired by the unique and always evolving practice of Okido.

Date: Sunday 12 November 2017 10am-4pm

Price: $80 ($50 non-refundable deposit to confirm a place)

Bookings & Info: Peter - 0418 139 232 -


japan yoga trip 2018


Japan Yoga Trip
with Peter Masters
May 2018

A special yoga trip to train at the Tokyo Family Yoga School with the Ishii senseis and their teachers, and then to Kyoto to stay at a magnificent Zen temple. The trip begins in Tokyo and finishes in Kyoto.

The Tokyo accommodation is in Yanaka, a beautiful village precinct of east Tokyo. Family Yoga School at Kanda is a few stops away on the subway. People generally choose two Okido Yoga classes per day at the times that suit them (early morning, mid-morning, afternoon or evening). Mr & Mrs Ishii also present some special classes for the Australian group. There’s time in Tokyo for sightseeing together or individually too.

In Kyoto activities include meditation, visiting temples and gardens, walking Mt Kurama and exploring the city centre. The accommodation in Tokyo and Kyoto is twin share in good quality traditional ryokans (tatami mats and futons) including wifi, bicycles and laundry facilities.

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience Japan whilst practicing yoga and meditation.

For more info and full itinerary contact Peter - 0418 139 232 -