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autumn yoga workshop west end

Autumn Yoga Workshop - Brisbane
Yoga – Qigong – Shiatsu

with Peter Masters
Sunday 18 March 2018

Enjoy a day of yoga, wellbeing and community. Experience the breadth and depth of Okido Yoga.

The workshop will focus on Autumn Yoga practices and the ‘Three Brains’ or Dan Tians.

Autumn Yoga – for letting go, creating energy and a clear mind. The Autumn Metal Element meridians are the Lungs and Large Intestines. Transform sadness and stagnation into kindness and clarity!

Three Brains –  Wisdom, Love & Vitality
Science is confirming what the eastern arts have understood for ages, namely that we have ‘three brains’ or energy centres in the mind, heart and belly that share a similar neurobiology and are intimately connected. These energy centres or fields embody our very human capacities and potential for wisdom, love and vitality. Learn how to cultivate and harmonise the ‘three brains’.. useful for yoga, meditation and daily life too.

All welcome.

Dates: Sunday 18 March 10am-4pm

Investment: $85 ($50 non-refundable deposit to confirm a place)

Venue: HAIKU Yoga & Arts Studio, 71 Russell St, West End Brisbane

Bookings and more info:
For more information and bookings contact Peter - 0418 139 232 -


japan yoga trip 2018


Japanese Yoga Masters Workshop - Hobart
with Saburo & Hisae Ishii
Sunday 25th March 2018

Saburo & Hisae Ishii will lead corrective exercises, hogushi, pressure point release and asanas to restore postural balance.

Saburo & Hisae Ishii - Saburo Ishii has been researching and practicing Zen meditation, sleep improvement methods, fasting, Soutaihou (Natural Movement) and Hatha yoga for 40 years. Saburo and his wife Hisae Ishii, established the Family Yoga School in Kanda, Tokyo and have been teaching Yoga and healing techniques in Japan and internationally.

Investment: $70 Includes 1hr yoga, morning tea and 1 hr shiatsu treatment.

Venue: Held in the beautiful bush setting of 398 Strickland Ave, Hobart.

For information & Bookings
Contact Amanda: 0419 286 503 or Kiyoko: 0415 486 676


japan yoga trip 2018


Japan Yoga Trip
with Peter Masters
8 days - 7 nights
16-23 May 2018

Enjoy a wonderful week of yoga and the amazing sights and experiences available in Tokyo in Springtime!

Accommodation is in a traditional Ryokan with tatami floors and futons in Yanaka, a beautiful village precinct of East Tokyo. Feel nourished and strengthened with daily yoga at Family Yoga School in Kanda, a few stops from Yanaka. Saburo and Hisae Ishii senei’s are our Family Yoga hosts, sharing their legendary kindness and wisdom. There’s a choice of early morning, mid-morning, afternoon and evening yoga classes at the studio. 

The flexible schedule allows you to create your own program and choose the classes and times that suit you. Most people do two classes a day, some more, others less. There’s also some special classes and activities for just the Australian group. There’s plenty of opportunity for sightseeing and cultural experiences including the incredible three day Sanja Matsuri Shinto festival in Asakusa, Sumo wrestling, Japanese food and much more.

Practising yoga and self-healing whilst travelling is a wonderful way to enjoy Tokyo. These trips are very popular and fill up quickly with a maximum group size of 15 people.

For more information and bookings contact Peter - 0418 139 232 -


brazil yoga retreat 2018

Okido Yoga Retreat - Rio di Janeiro, Brazil
with Fernando Montoto
8 days - 7 nights
21-28 October 2018

After visiting Australia for the first times in 2016 and 2017, Fernando Montoto, Brazilian Okido maestro, has invited an Australian group to a special live-in retreat at his Rio Dojo, Fernando's Okido House. Nathaniel Muller, senior Melbourne/Castlemaine Okido teacher, is leading the Australian group. This is a unique opportunity to train with Fernando and experience the life and beauty of Rio di Janeiro.

Dates: 8 days - 7 nights

Price: A$1450 (A$450 deposit to confirm a place)
Inclusive of accommodation, training and most meals. Only 8 places available.

Bookings and more info:
Nathaniel Muller: 0428 529 905  -