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BA Dip Shiatsu YA STAA

Zen Shiatsu is a nourishing, enlivening form of massage therapy done on a futon mat through loose comfortable clothing. It uses traditional hara diagnosis and supportive thumb, palm and elbow pressure on the body’s meridian channels to rebalance energy and release blockages and stagnation.

This unique therapy, originating in Japan, is deeply restorative on every level. By rebalancing the musculoskeletal, meridian and nervous systems, it allows the internal organs to reach equilibrium and activates the natural healing ability of the body-mind.

Zen Shiatsu is suitable for many conditions and general wellbeing, and also promotes a long-lasting sense of calm and relaxation.

Peter's an experienced, senior practitioner with advanced training in Japan, Australia and Italy.

A treatment session is 75mins and costs $110.

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